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19-20 September 2018 , Dagestan State University, Russia
International scientific conference «Chemistry, Chemical and Environmental Engineering: Science, Industry and Education»
Submission requirements
Potential presenters are requested to submit the one page abstract and registration form individually. Theoretical and empirical abstracts related to Chemistry, Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Education are considered at the conference. Abstracts should be sent to the organizing committee by e-mail: not later than May 20, 2018.

To provide a uniform appearance, we would appreciate your cooperation in following the next rules:
• You should keep to SI units of measurement and IUPAC terminology. Inline graphics should be approved by the organizing committee.
• Title Times New Roman, 14 pt, 1 line space, centered
• Authors (initials, surname) Times New Roman, 14 pt, 1 line space, centered
• Affiliation (academic degree, position, initials and surname of the scientific supervisor and linguistic advisor if necessary) Times New Roman, 14 pt, 1 line space, centered
• Institute, its address Times New Roman, 14 pt, 1 line space, centered
• Text (introduction, theoretical part, experimental techniques, results and their interpretation) Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1 line space, 3 cm margines A4 paper
• References (the surname, initials) Times New Roman, 14 pt, 1 line space.
• It should be saved as RTF file (MS Word: File - Save as -RTF).
• All the files under the name containing first 7 English letters of the author should be saved as ZIP archive format.
•The archive should be sent via e-mail.
•The text file should be in any version of the Microsoft Word text editor and have the .doc extension. The name of the file should include the surname of the author (e.g., Ivanov.doc or Иванов.doc).
• Page settings. A4 (book) size. Margins: top, left and right - 2 cm, bottom - 2.5 cm.

Abstract template
Abstract Submission
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